Just because I feel like today is the day, I give you… SEABORNE 2! Mark your calendars for April 2017. Dean Seaborne is going to Atlantis!


17 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL!

  1. Abby says:

    Omg it looks amazing! But wait were is waverly? Why isn’t she on the cover? Still I’m so excited!

    1. matt says:

      Thanks Abby! I was hoping to have all 3 characters on the cover too, but don’t worry, Waverly is a very big part of the book. I promise! ;]

  2. Lukas says:

    I Love The Books and cant wait for the next Dean Seaborne and Jack Blank Books

  3. abby says:

    have you ever considered doing a novella or maybe if there was ever a book four, a scene or two focusing more on the details of what really happened to jack during his year that he was captured? Also have you ever read the fanfiction on the jack blank adventures? Some are quite good!

  4. matt says:

    Hoping to one day do another JB trilogy, actually. My ideas for the stories right now are all looking forward, post-Rustov conflict, but there is so much room to go back through time w/ the Imagine Nation. Could go back to the time periods in between the first 3 books, and even waaaaay before Jack even showed up in the Imagine Nation. Before he was born even. I haven’t read any JB fanfic, but I love that it is out there! That’s how I got started… writing my own X-Men stories and other adventures based on my favorite Marvel characters.

    1. grace says:

      If you do write another JB series, can you please please please include some JackxAllegra??? I know that this probably isn’t what you’re thinking about rn, but if you ever DO????

      1. matt says:

        A lot of people ask me that! If the characters in the JB trilogy were older I probably would have done that already. If I ever do continue the series, the characters WOULD be older, so there’s a very good possibility for Jack & Allegra in the future. As long as nothing comes between them… ;]

        1. Mia says:

          Please, please, PLEASE continue the JB books!!! They are my FAVOURITE SERIES OF ALL TIME, and I’ve read a lot of books!

          1. matt says:

            Thank you! I DO have lots of ideas about Jack and his friends… You never know what could happen…

  5. Biggest Fan says:

    I have a crazy question for you because i have read all the jack blank series and love them but i have a important question for you . Is Legend really Jack that Stevendal teleported into the past to save himself from Revile

    1. matt says:

      That’s not a bad idea… ;] I wasn’t thinking that, but I DID have an idea for Jack to go back in time eventually (for another reason). Hopefully, will get to write that someday! I have to take my time with that and get the story just right. Easier said than done. Time travel stories hurt the brain.

  6. Wyatt says:

    You know, this cover makes me realize something, in all of the covers for jack blank, we never see his face, for the first two books, we see his back, and for the third, he see the front of him, but he is looking up. Hmmmmm…. what could this mean??? 😅

  7. Foxy says:

    Could u do a backstory for a character like Skerren Allegra or anyone Or even Smart? Thx for looking

    1. matt says:

      That’s my ideas for future JB stories! A Skerren story, an Allegra story, and a new Jack story that all go deeper into their paths and all tie together at the end. Of course, I only have 1 of the 3 figured out. I’m still letting this cook in the back of my brain while I work on Majestic ;]

  8. Lucky says:

    Ahhhh I just read both Seaborne books, and can I just say that they are now my favorite books of ALL TIME?!?!?!? My entire friend group is fangirling over Dean, lol. Please please pleeeeease write another Seaborne book!!! It would be so awesome to read about Dean again! (As you have probably noticed my friends and I are obsessed with Dean…) Thanks and you are one of my most favorite authors ever!!

    1. matt says:

      Thank you so much! Anything is possible. I have the start of a good idea for a Seaborne 3… just need to build on it. ;]

      1. matt says:

        I find if I force myself, I can usually come up with something mediocre, but if I let an idea simmer in the back of my brain long enough, something much better eventually clicks. And then when I start writing, the rest falls into place.

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