IMAGINE NATION: The Blood of Kings


In the medieval land of Varagog Village, everyone lives in the past, but a young swordsman named Skerren is haunted by it. Unable to save his parents from a terrible fate, Skerren became a fearless fighter, vowing to never again be as powerless as he was the day he lost them. But history comes close to repeating itself when Hovarth, King of Varagog—and the closest thing Skerren has to family—nearly dies on his watch.

With the King’s life threatened, Skerren’s name is put forth as a potential heir, prompting a contest for the throne. Surrounded by enemies inside and outside of the castle, Skerren must compete to keep a title he never asked for, all while protecting Hovarth and the city against the villainous Nightlander Horde.

The challenge will test Skerren like never before, taking him to the darkest corners of the Imagine Nation—and his own mind. To save the life of his king and ensure the future of his kingdom, Skerren must confront his painful past and find out if he has what it takes to wear the crown himself.