Egmont’s Last List


I recently found out that my publisher, Egmont USA, is going out of business. As you might expect, I was less than thrilled to get this news. When your publisher closes down, the odds of them publishing future books from you are severely impacted.

But, rather than focus on the negative aspects of this situation, which are obvious, I’m going to tell you three good things that happened over the last couple of weeks:

First, SEABORNE: THE LOST PRINCE, (which is still coming out on April 14th), got a great review from Kirkus.

Second, my editor, and many of her colleagues at Egmont USA quickly found jobs with other publishers.

Third, I was inducted into a very exclusive club. I’m one of the authors that make up Egmont’s Last List. Granted, none of the members of this club would be in it if they had any choice in the matter, but that’s not important. We have been thrown together by fate and circumstance, and we’re determined to make the best of it. You can find us on tumblr, where we have banded together to promote each other’s work. All these books are still being released, so watch out for them. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. Egmont USA might be going away, but we intend to be here for a long time to come.

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