Life is Like a Hurricane


The last month has been a wild ride.

Not too long ago, I was working furiously to finish Seaborne 2 by my deadline. I was stressed out. Big time. I was working on 5 hours of sleep a night. I was writing for hours on end, hunched over with poor posture at the kitchen table. So much so, that I messed up my back. (Yes, you can get injured while writing… if you are old).

Then, I got the call that my publisher, Egmont USA, was shutting down. Suddenly, my looming deadline was no longer an issue, but I took no pleasure in that news. Deadlines mean someone is going to publish your work. If you don’t have a deadline, chances are you don’t have a book deal. That was now the case with Seaborne 2.

I turned my attention back to Book 1, Seaborne: The Lost Prince. I promised myself I would do everything I could to make this book a success. I found great allies and friends in my fellow authors— the other members of Egmont’s Last List. Their support, and the support of the publishing and book blogger community in general has been one of the high points from this past month. An even bigger boost recently came in the form of a new publisher!

Lerner Books has acquired all of Egmont USA’s titles, which means that all of the Last Listers books will have a permanent home. Also, the Seaborne series has a much better chance of continuing. And, if that wasn’t enough, on the same day that I found out about the Lerner deal, the news came out that Disney is bringing back Ducktales. When it rains, it pours, my friends. We’re ending the month on a high note.


5 thoughts on “Life is Like a Hurricane

  1. Brad says:

    I came to this website looking for more information about the Jack Blank series (since I got book one from the library), and now you’re telling me that DuckTales is back?!?!?

    Yes, life is good. Life is very good.

  2. matt says:

    Just don’t hate me if you have the theme song to Ducktales stuck in your head for the next few days ;]

    1. Brad says:

      It’s been there…trust me. In fact, my wife and I both broke out into singing it earlier this week with all four kids in the vehicle.

      Just finished End of Infinity, and WOW was that a wild ride. Shock after shock throughout the book. But it was very well-done, and I thoroughly devoured it. My son (14) and I both read through the entire trilogy in the past week and a half. Of course, he was bursting at the seams to tell me about Jack’s dad and how Revile plays into the final book, and everything, but I kept telling him to KEEP QUIET!!!

      Anyway, just wanted to thank you for such an amazing, enjoyable reading experience. I do hope that even if you don’t write another full-length Jack Blank novel, you at least put out some short stories.

      As a friendly note (and part of my nature as a part-time book editor), I thought I’d point out the double use of the phrase “in silence” on page 296 of the Secret War, final sentence of the top paragraph (Hardback edition).

      Thanks again for the great reads!


      1. matt says:

        So glad you liked Jack’s adventures! It was definitely a relief to get that all out of my head and down onto the page. I have plenty of other ideas for Jack, so there may be more stories about him and his friends one day. You never know…

        I’ll check out Page 296 in Book 2 as well. Thanks for the heads up ;]

  3. Wyatt says:

    Ducktales! Awooo!

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