Three. It’s a Magic Number.


When it comes to writing, I’m a big-time planner and outliner. I like to plot things out so I know everything that’s going to happen in a story before I begin. But, the longer I do this job, the more I think my outlines are just security blankets… just crutches to help me get started. Why is that? Because the story always changes. In many cases, the end result looks nothing like the outline.

So, I say whatever you need to help you get started, that’s cool. Run with it. But, the truth is, every book is three books:

1 – The book you plan to write.

2 – The book you write.

3 – The book you discover in the editing process.

All you writers out there… remember, you’re not done until you’re DONE. The only final draft is the one on the bookshelf.

3 thoughts on “Three. It’s a Magic Number.

  1. Me (I LOVE YOUR BOOKS) says:

    Yes! A new post and nice tip/info!

    1. matt says:

      You inspired me to get off my butt and write a post or two ;]

  2. Me (I LOVE YOUR BOOKS) says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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