About the Author

Hello. I’m Matt Myklusch, beloved children’s author and creator of SEABORNE (Carolrhoda Books) and THE JACK BLANK ADVENTURES (Simon & Schuster). I love what I do. I’ve been blessed in life with incredible ego and crushing self-doubt, important traits for any writer.

The ego part comes from the fact that from a very young age I’ve been convinced my ideas are so great they need to be published in book form. And purchased. Maybe even read! (But definitely purchased). The self-doubt creeps in whenever I read a really great book and think, “Oh, that’s how a real writer does it.” It happens. Often. I talk about this stuff and more on my podcast. You can listen to that here. Other than┬áthat, if you need me I’ll be standing on this beach, staring off into the distance and thinking worldly thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!