The Rustov (pronounced Roost-ov) are the main villains in the JACK BLANK trilogy. These alien invaders are cybernetic parasites who latch onto¬†organic creatures and steal their lifeforce to survive. The longer a Rustov parasite is attached to its host, the more mechanical decay the host exhibits. Skin becomes wrinkled, stretched, and thin. Bones become rusted iron, veins become cables, blood becomes oil, etc… these guys are bad dudes.



  1. abby says:

    The Rustov were the best villains in the worst possible way, and i loved how they had their own language and accent! I have to wonder though, did the Magus ever hold gladiator style fights between prisoners? it seems like something he would do, to have an arena and have prisoners fight each other or even the Rustov para-soldiers?

    Also on a different note, skerren and ronan are very similar in personality, if they ever were to meet how would that turn out?

    1. abby says:

      speaking of rustov, in the end of infinity Jack had a ‘dream’ where he talked to khalix and khalix looked like jack only with rustov decay. Have you ever drawn that before? Or even any other version of khalix would be cool to see. After all he is the snarkiest of villains.

  2. Isaiah says:

    I really like your boooooooks and i want mor so keep making them! ):)

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